Reviews on Amazon

Door Close

​Thanks to all those that provided very positive reviews of The Last Checkout on Amazon. Here’s a few snippets.

“The story draws the reader in like a slow motion trainwreck. It’s horrible, but you can’t look away.”

“The characters are vibrant, if somewhat broken, and the journey of the two central Hotel guests, Ansel and Nikki, was indeed an interesting one.Besson is gifted wordsmith and an incredibly adept storyteller and I’m hoping this is just the first of many books to come.”

“A very good read if you can get by the beginning which can be depressing and sad.”

“This book really surprised me. I was expecting a more traditional dystopian novel but I feel this is a more typically literary fiction type novel with a dystopian background.”

“After wading through thousands of ho-hum books all very similar in plot its an exciting breath of fresh air to find something so exotically different! It was easy to like and identify with the main characters.”